Medical Priorities provides assistance during the day, night or 24-hours a day. Our caregivers are trained to help you with all aspects of your daily routine.

We provide assisted living services such as:

  • bathing and general hygiene
  • medication reminders
  • pet and plant care
  • incontinence care

We pride ourselves on providing consistent care. This means that we’ll provide you with the same caregiver every day you need them. This helps to create an easy transition to having care in your home or facility, and helps to establish a routine.

We know that the caregiver we place needs to not only be skilled in administering the type of care necessary, but that they also must be a good fit with our client. Therefore, we take placement very seriously. If you’re not happy with our suggested caregiver, then we will suggest another one, no questions asked. We won’t rest until you’re happy and comfortable.

Our caregivers are Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses, Health Care Aids, retired Registered Nurses and experienced caregivers. We will work with you and your needs to ensure the proper level of care is being administered by our team.

We always work to fit into your routine and schedule and adapt to life as it changes.

Assisted Living from Medical Priorities

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