More and more Canadians are choosing to remain in their homes as they age. Eventually, home care in the form of aides, services, companion care or nursing is needed within the home.

Finding the right kind of home care can be difficult. While hiring a private caregiver might be easier on your wallet, do you really know what you are paying for? What kind of background and screening checks can you do on your own for a caregiver? If the caregiver gets sick, who is going to fill in? Is the caregiver bonded and insured? If not, can you afford the liability? Who handles payroll and taxes for the caregiver? How are you going to recruit the caregiver? How does hiring through an employment agency compare? These are the questions you should ask yourself before taking the leap into hiring privately or through a placement agency or registry.

If you are struggling with the decision of hiring a private caregiver versus going through an established organization, think twice about what you are really up against and what you are willing to deal with.

By Carrie Robertson,  Research & Community Education